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Partnering with our sister organization, GITAA for delivery of training across Data Analytics and Process related topics. Expertise for sessions targeted to address industry –specific solutions is leveraged from academia and industry.

Advanced Process Control

In chemical process industries, the objective of process engineers is to ensure safe and optimal operation of plants without compromising the quality of the products. Process control tools allow process engineers to accomplish this objective. We provide training in theoretical and practical aspects of elementary and advanced process control techniques. Advanced control courses include but not limited to topics such as Linear Control Theory, Model Predictive Control and Optimal Control.

Optimization Methods

The competitive global market pushes various industries to operate the plants at near optimal condition subject to safety, economic and quality constraints. Optimization methods such as Linear Programming, Non-Linear Programming and Integer Programming will be taught in detail. The course also involves application of the optimization methods with hands-on sessions. These are aimed at helping the participants explore the finer details of the methods through case studies covering multiple industry sectors.

State Estimation

State and parameter estimation deals with the problem of obtaining accurate estimates of process states and parameters from measured data, given the process models. These estimates can be used in various applications such as State feedback control, Diagnosis and Soft-sensors. This course will introduce the participants to the world of State Estimation, covering various estimation techniques such as Kalman Filters and Extended Kalman Filters. SCILAB, an open-source software, will be used for the hands-on sessions of the course. Course Outline

Data Analytics

The course encompasses the domains of Multivariate Data Analysis and Machine Learning , with the intention of educating prospective data scientists to meet the growing need for professionals in the current era of data analytics. The course provides a good mix of analytics concepts and visualization techniques with several hands-on sessions aimed at training the students to handle real world industry problems through processing, analysing and appropriate interpretation of the data available.

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