Process Systems Engineering


Increased competition, stringent environmental regulations and reduced profit margins are hurdles to sustenance and growth – harsh realities that every business has to confront and mitigate in their mission to remain successful. In this scenario, reducing wastages and operating the plant as tightly and optimally as possible is of critical importance. In an operating plant, sources of losses and opportunities for process improvement are hard to identify. Since one can’t fix what is not understood, it is business as usual for many plants. Gyan Data provides services for process improvement through modeling and simulation, data analytics and our in-house tools. Our areas of expertise include :

  • Power plant analysis
  • Pipeline network design
  • Surge analysis
  • Battery management
  • Scheduling for batch plants
  • Scheduling of multiproduct pipelines
  • Crude pre-heat-train optimization
  • Uploading operations
  • Controller performance assessment


Sensor and Equipment Audit Tool (SEAT)

Modern process industries are equipped with data acquisition systems that routinely and automatically gather data from hundreds or thousands of sensors in a few seconds. This sensor data is used for process improvement through optimization and process equipment health monitoring. It is important that the integrity of the sensor data is verified before it is used in other applications. The Gyan Data tool can reconcile sensor data, identify gross errors in sensors and use the reconciled sensor data in developing key performance indicators for individual equipment. This can help plant personnel avoid routine maintenance schedules and target maintenance where there is a clear and present need. Such an approach will result in reduced maintenance costs and improved equipment performance. In keeping with our guiding principles, the Gyan Data tool can be used at a single equipment level with any level of existing instrumentation, or any subsection of plant that is thought to be of critical importance.

Controller Audit Tool (CAT)

Gyan Data Controller Audit Tool is geared towards diagnosing the cause for oscillations in closed-loop control systems. Oscillations in control loops lead to millions of dollars in additional operating expense for manufacturing plants yearly. Additionally, an oscillatory control loop limits the maximum quality achievable by the system. The tool can be used for single loops or multiple loops. The Gyan Data approach can detect oscillations in control loops, and describe the root cause(s) for oscillations without requiring costly off-line time for the system. The additional ability of this methodology to differentiate between external causes, stiction, and poor tuning allows system managers to intelligently schedule maintenance and tuning efforts.

Performance Audit Tool (PAT)

Any attempt at process improvement starts with operational data which has to be analyzed and interpreted to extract valuable information about the process. Gyan Data's tools help personnel to understand process performance improvements based on not only just operational data (traditional data analytics) but also a judicious combination of data and first principles modeling (hybrid analysis), focused on individual units or subsections of a plant. The deliverables for the customer include recommendations on changes to operational strategies with quantified post implementation benefits, recommendations for hardware changes that can improve performance with the associated cost-benefit analysis, and development of customized algorithms for online implementation within the existing IT framework in the plant.