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Engineering Solutions

Domain agnostic algorithms to address manufacturing challenges

Our solutions can not only be deployed to large processes but also individual process sub-systems. Our strength lies in the areas of data-reconciliation, gross error detection, sensor diagnostics, early stage process-design, modeling, simulation and optimization


Process industry

  • Data reconciliation & optimization
  • Hydraulic modeling & surge analysis
  • Implementation of expert systems
  • Enterprise benchmarking & data analytics
  • Controller performance monitoring & diagnosis
  • Data acquisition through image processing

Oil & Gas

  • Advanced real-time refinery monitoring
    & optimization (in collaboration with PSE & BPCL)
  • Assessment of feed to crude distillation unit
  • Soft sensing studies


  • Model-on-demand framework for
    modeling fuel cells
  • Efficient closed form solutions for optimal
    load sharing strategy in fuel cell networks
  • Rapid health monitoring & diagnosis for fuel cell networks


  • Data driven models for predictive analysis
    and early warning systems based on
    image processing
  • Condition monitoring of PCMM direct compression
  • Proof of concept studies for use of 3D-printing in pharma

Food industry

  • Automation systems for waste minimization
    in the food industry
  • Supply chain solutions


We at GyanData understand that reducing wastages and operating the plant as tightly and optimally as possible is of critical importance.
We provide services for process improvement using our extensive industry experience

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Power plant analysis
  • Pipeline network design
  • Surge analysis
  • Battery management
  • Scheduling for batch plants
  • Scheduling of multiproduct pipelines
  • Crude pre-heat-train optimization
  • Uploading operations
  • Controller performance assessment