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MPM India Pvt Ltd

GyanData collaborates with MPM India Pvt Ltd to develop decision support tool for foundaries.

21 Sep 2012

BHEL, Trichy

BHEL project on Data reconciliation awarded jointly with IIT Madras.

17 Jul 2012


GMR project on surge analysis for extension of the fueling pipeline network for Hyderabad Airport successfully executed.

17 Jul 2012

Pipeline Networks

Gyan Data Pvt. Ltd. has developed the capability to carry out surge analysis for all types of complex liquid pipeline and pipeline networks and has succesfully executed three projects. We developed a general purpose software package for surge analysis that integrates with the free open source software EPANET.

Energy Systems

Leveraging the work of the co-founders for over a decade on fuel cell modeling, Gyan Data Pvt. Ltd. can provide services in the area of electrochemical energy systems modeling (batteries, electrolyzers, solar cells) in general, and PEM and Solid Oxide fuel cell systems, in particular.

Data Analytics

The current digital era has enabled the collection of voluminous data in industrial facilities, be it buildings or chemical plants. The proliferation of affordable sensors also facilitates this data collection.  Gyan Data Pvt. Ltd. can provide data mining solutions to extract valuable information from this voluminous process data.

Training and Education

Gyan Data can offer customized basic and advanced training courses in pipeline networks and other topics in Process Systems Engineering (PSE).



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